Feeless free writer (rider)

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Old Chopper, they called him. Reminded them of that heap of metal off Birch St near the Rhoades’ place.

Sat every day looking the same. Same sour face, same stubble that mysteriously never grew nor was shaven. Same unkempt shirt and hair. Growing the same age old every day, holding the same half glass of lemonade. Bottom lip jutting forward, refusing to reveal what is surely a toothless, or at least un-pretty grin, if anyone had ever seen it.

Old Chopper. Maybe they gave him the same name as that old truck (the one by the Rhoades’ place) because we have the same relationship. Our lives move but they still sit there, aging imperceptably, as if time was immaterial to those who stop moving. We don’t trust him quite enough to have a name like Bob or Paul. He has been nobody’s brother to us. Just Old Chopper, sitting on his porch, serving witness to those of us who busy about living.



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4 responses to “Feeless free writer (rider)

  1. feeless free writer


    old chopper. 🙂 i bet old chopper has a lot of nostril hair.

    so, how did it feel, lisa? writing without paying attention to the nasty editor inside?

    and do you write fiction, too? i love the phrase “busy about living.”

  2. feeless free writer

    oh, ALSO.

    when is your bday??? today? may 10?

  3. thebirdsings

    P – re: writing sans nasty editor:
    It’s easier than expected, but what I am beginning to realize is happening is that I’ve just given my editor a different hat. She definitely hasn’t left the building. I say “you. sit over there now.” She responds, suspiciously easily, “sure.” And then proceeds to convince me on a level I’m rather less aware of that if it comes easily it’s not worth acknowledging. I’ve traded internal dialogs: “that blows” for “that was nice little exercise dear. what’s for breakfast?” I’m sure that’s progress, but I’m not sure how much. Sometimes my inner journey of self discovery reads like a cat and mouse detective novel. Thanks for asking. I’ll keep looking.

    And my b-day was May 10. It was lovely.

  4. feeless free writer

    oh! you MUST do NANOWRIMO. seriously. my internal editor did not shut the hell up until about 20,000 words. we were in constant battle up until that point. but finally, around word 20,001, she gave up. and that’s when i just got giddy.

    and you don’t have to write fiction. you can write…whatever. you can make the challenge to write 50,000 words of “journal” in 30 days. it really digs a deep hole straight into your subconscious. the oddest things start popping out. like, apparently kirk mayhew has been lingering in my subconscious, b/c i patterned an entire character after him. who knew?

    i joined a regional group (i’m SURE there are all kinds of nanowrimo groups in CA). we’d get together 1-2 times a week for “write-ins” at coffee shops. the power of all that collective energy was pretty helpful.

    at any rate, keep thinking. you have 6 months to muster up courage.

    and happy belated birthday. woo! mine is today. hello, fellow taurus.

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