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the un-let go

I’m waiting for the big wail to come.  I can feel it sitting in my throat, hunkered down like a cat on its favorite cupboard. But there’s no moving it to my heart and eyes and voice.  Hours and hours now. A contented, half-swallowed cherry.

Should I watch a sad movie for you?  Do push-ups? Or eat something rotten?

I’m going to bed now but I’ll leave the door open a little.  Or at least the key under the mat.

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I know I’m done with a place
the same way I know when a poem is finished

All endings have their natural cadence and come to rest

Though sometimes I love them too much and the endings get messy

or play hide and seek.

Will you just let me be?
To do and offer, this?

Or must you torment me with your boring rants for some purpose?

As if to show me like a weed I can grow even here.

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