the wind today

Prompt compliments of:

the wind today won’t stop.
and this is no warm, gentle, autumn wind,
mind you.
this is wind turned loose from its pen.
this is not the science of rain,
this is a whisper with velocity,
shouting slam poetry in exclamations and anapests over a philharmonic of chimes.
a pestilent end to silence everywhere.
this is a tricksy and stubborn wind with arguably devious motives.
(oh I saw you this morning, when you jabbed my espresso off the car roof, yes I did.)
this is a hulking and hooded figure, staggering by with a flask under his coat, too close – turning to wheeze, laugh and yell at anyone who will listen.
(do we have a choice?)
this enormous, interminable sigh of a wind is navigating cracks in my igloo,
whipping through my coat as if it were made of threads of light
exploring hips and throat and belly.
this is a cold and brutal loving –
a thief in my field –
an unwanted insight.

I’m more tenacious than you realize.
my incandescence cannot be put out.



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11 responses to “the wind today

  1. Wow! This poem is wonderfully written! It looks like you used all the words!!

    I’m trying to practice writing shorter poems, so it’s great to see that you can use all of the words and at the same time, not make a novel out of the poem (even though there IS such a thing as prose poetry).

    I love the several first lines of your poem as well as the ending that gave a punch. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t know what kind of prompt you used, but this is some fine writing. Loved the conversation taking place within the framework! I’ll be back her to enjoy again.

  3. ooh, wow. you know what line really knocked me sideways? “a cold and brutal loving.” that gave the whole thing such a severe turn, and i LOVE it when writers give me a severe turn.

  4. Wow. I’m so chuffed some of my words showed up here! A tricksy and stubborn wind, indeed, but no match at all for your incandescence 🙂

  5. This is such an amazing poem! I love all the images of the wind. Fresh and zippy!

  6. Love this,
    especially the line ‘shouting slam poetry ‘etc.

  7. Toby


    Such profundity!
    It’s early in the morning, and I read your words, and was so deeply moved, still am, as a matter of fact.
    Your grace and eloquence show such a maturity and I am, in a way, reminded of the effortless way that Jeffers wrote.
    Poetry is really not true unless it reverberates through the soul, and yours does!

  8. Goosebumps again. Your writing is so inspired— magical, surreal, whimsical, powerful.

    You are a LOVE, my friend. I’m so glad we found each other. Hooray!
    talk to you soon…

  9. I love all that you write, but your poetry is magical, your truest gift. I could see and hear and feel your tricksy and stubborn wind as it jabbed your espresso off your car roof…wow.
    XXOO, Mom

  10. I’m impressed. You used all the words, created a character out of wind, and wrote in a rollicking free verse that was entertaining to read. Well done!

  11. This has been a compelling read. A lot of strong, memorable lines here: “shouting slam poetry in exclamations and anapests over a philharmonic of chimes” in particular. Christine is right; you’ve made a character out of the wind. In a way, you’ve made it solid, concrete. 😉

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