My life is spilling over the top.  Full and full and fuller.  Storms and websites and jobs and e-mail classes and moving and novel-writing… up to the eyeballs.  Doing doing doing from sun up to way past sun down.

But I dashed off a little poem note to myself this morning in my journal, and thought, I’d like to post this.

Happy, HAPPY election day, by the way. (I am so very excited I can hardly stand it.)

so much doing,
and believing,
and unfolding –
this will never be
satiated –
no amount of money
or fill
or jars of jobs well done
will relieve
this breath,
or remind you
there is no earning
of joy.
you already belong to it.



Filed under life, offerings, poetry, writing

3 responses to “Spilling

  1. wow wow wow. super powerful last line there, lg. that’s going to echo for a long time for me today. awesome.

  2. Karla Goettel

    I’ll read this every day until I believe in joy. You are my “explorer” and I will follow you until I find it! THANK YOU!
    XXOO, Mom

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