the feathered cape

An elbow points from beneath its feathered cape
I am running to meet you
Show me the words

Are the feathers enough to hold me?
May I cross the threshold and take the sounds to share?
I am waiting, always

Beginning again, I put down my brush and pick up the fingers
Heaven smells close.

I wander in the fields of self-reproach
As if drugged
And my vision of the feathered cape
In my stupor
Lifts me up and out

I choose
Is the white light of heaven



Filed under Big G., poetry

5 responses to “the feathered cape

  1. wow, Lisa, more goosebumps again…such delicate, fiery visions. I’m in awe.

    The feathered cape is the wing of an angel; YOU are an angel surrounded by your fellows. May these feathers caress you, warm you, carry you into more light, lightly!

  2. Your writing takes me into an ethereality….
    where I can feel surreal….and take with me some profound kind of understanding that I can’t put into words. I can see you in your writing…

  3. lovely….ethereal….

  4. Sarah

    Hi Lisa!
    My name is Sarah, your blog posts showed up as “possibly related” to my posts. Anyway, I really like them. I’ve subscribed and feel free to check out my blog too… it’s new, but I intend on sticking with it.

  5. stopped by to see if there was a new writing….

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