Ok, Ok, Ok…

Been promising words to myself and fellow bloggers like Miss Keely for days and days.  A half-dozen, half-written posts later, I give up. I’m grabbing my bedside poetry journal right this minute, closing my eyes, flipping through and pointing.  Perennial-editor be damned.

look at me
more to the left, please

curve me
along the convex line of an antique mirror
dusty and fragrant

periphery is key
I am best seen sideways
I am like the sun

if you stare full on
prepare to open

paint me in the way
that resolves your mother complex,

so we can move on
to nectar

but don’t forget to smile back
or we’ll never get to hello

you’ll be unknowable
and I’ll be wilting



Filed under lisa goettel, poetry

3 responses to “Ok, Ok, Ok…

  1. beautiful! More please…
    You dusty, fragant ray of sunshine, you.

  2. Keely

    mmmmmm, lovely. now it’s probably my turn. also: I’ve gotten a few things out since we last chatted about writing, so maybe I’ll be ready to read (maybe just to you at first) on Wednesday for Open Mic – especially because we don’t have a single event at the HML for eight more days now. AHA!

    lovely, lovely, lovely are you and your words.
    pip pip

  3. little p

    ” i am best seen sideways.”

    i adore this line.

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