in the future

I remember what it feels like to be a man
So I touch my face and lips now like one

I speak many languages
In my belly they remember poems

I see pictures of yours that I recognize
My dreams were photons before I came,
before you-

I drive a mile and it is warmer
These movements of form are microclimates,
nearby shifts

Daffodils still bloom today
Friends go

This is it.

Destiny was a muse of another man
Until I saw he is me



Filed under lisa goettel, poetry, writing

3 responses to “in the future

  1. Photonaut

    That’s really lovely. I signed up ages ago for email notifications of your posts, but you hardly ever write… feed the muse, you have beauty inside.

  2. Tuaca – sending love on angels wings..

    Photonaut – thank you for kind words and the nudge. My muse has been busy cooking up music! That, and vying for time with my too-busyiness. More to come soon…

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