A re-write of an old poem. I’ll probably re-write it forever.


you stand on my coast,
lacing the air with your scent;
until you are more scent than you

your words a dummy trail –
crumbs, leading to an empty room
where the sound of each syllable in my ear is more real than your fingers

this space now, so full of un-you,
how does it live so brightly without even one particle of light?

you are far from here, and so am I;
a story frozen in pictures.


I stand, naked
asking the moon the way
but moons are made of longing.


I want to be led down a river
paced and perfectly navigated-
released to a lucid and easy end to our dreaming

I want to touch slowly
eyes and fingers-
giving you my face
and finding yours inside the cracks between hope and what you were

unzip me with a pure breath
and I will find the space below trust to hold whatever’s left
for you

step off with me and we will free fall in a relentless healing-
singing ourselves clean,
saying grace to our crackings

give me the face of the lion and I will kiss and rub her ears
knowing fierce is will and will is juice and juice is what fires the pistons of joy

bring me your spent infant and I will ooze into your cradle
where we can sleep and wake again-
another sacrifice on the altar of Something More-
born, man and woman,

loving ourselves undone-
surrendering to the movement of tides,
our sweat a baptism,
breathlessness breathing us
and our skin teaching us where we don’t end.


you pull my cord,
and the ocean shows me a light that has never belonged to her
or the moon.

how am I so slow remembering my own reflection?

there is no place to be apart-
even in darkness,
angled as we are,
the sun is real



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8 responses to “testimony

  1. Linda R. Jones

    I read this aloud to Toby as he cooked dinner and he asked, “Is this Neruda?” No, I said, it’s Lisa Goettel.

    All I can say, my dear, deep one, is WOW.

    love love love

  2. patresa

    just beautiful, you are.

  3. So delicate and beautiful, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Steven Harper

    Yes, send to The New Yorker… Publish.

  5. Edmund Coppinger

    Dear Lisa, Testimony has such richness; the lyrics invite me ” Spend some time with us, so you can savor us.” I feel a sense of harmony with Bob Dylan’s ” Tomorrow is a LongTime.” ed Coppinger (recent song workshop)

  6. lisa

    such beauty in this writing, such beauty in you

  7. Charles

    I love how you see life. 🙂 ❤

  8. Karla

    This is exquisite…I agree…publish it. Share your extraordinary gifts.

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