The Owl & The Kitten

owl-kitten“Something will always be something”, said the owl.
And the kitten thought this a strange thing to say.

For the kitten, knowing nothing of somethings,
Thought some somethings might not like to stay

Something when they could do nothing.
And she went from the owl to go play.

On Sunday the owl said “let’s do nothing”.
And the kitten said (like nothing she knew),

“But if we do nothing, nothing happens.
And nothing happens to be something to do.”

The owl hooted, “Oh yes but, clever kitten,
I’ve never done nothing, have you?”

The kitten thought of somethings and nothings,
then asked of the owl the next day

“I’ve tried to do nothing, but somethings
are the one thing that stand in my way.

Is there something to do about somethings?”
Owl said, “On that, there is nothing to say.”

The kitten found this nothing unhelpful.
“Then what, Owl, would you have me do?”

Owl cooed, “Something will always be something.”

And the kitten knew nothing, anew.



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5 responses to “The Owl & The Kitten

  1. it could never be nothing
    when you’re up to something
    and the muses are calling you

    you brings me to pleases
    when I follow them breezes
    and meow where the owl flies too

    Much love to you Lisa Lisa! Thank you for this and you.

    In Light,

    Tuaca xoxo ^i^

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