what hope does

give me even a silver wisp of hope and I’ll slay every dragon.

one look in the mirror of you
betrays all the bored lies I’ve been spouting
and offers a door
straight through to the pool.

all this time spent dreaming and I dream still
but this dream is a rope my two hands know
so I will live and die following them.

I will take your face in my hands or eyes or dream
everything you give me
will be kept and used well
flower or flower meal

all feeding this idea–
(the one I’m talking about is
just as real as any letter on this page
but lit up
and alive with its own heartdrum)

these letters and faces, eyes and fingers
are simple tools for the show
but what’s built requires none of it. 

what I want to tell you about is
there is a great eye inside my chest
I’ve coupled with so securely
you can touch my skin and watch me move.

I can see you did too

So I do remember, though they say I don’t.
I remember despite this hopeless unceasing din
and I will slay every dragon on the way to you
and I will dive in every pool you offer
to wash and quiet me
into yes,
I remember



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2 responses to “what hope does

  1. T

    Beautiful Bird Sings Lisa!

    What hope does (indeed) – and the character she builds (while…)

    sharpening the sword before the dragon encounter
    with her plume, once again
    rippling the water surface with songs from every rung
    noting which way the bubbles rise or fall
    and chasing them with the morsel I’ve left

    by day I call her perseverance
    by night, hope

    (and there my prayers with bubbles surface)

    Tuaca ^i^

  2. TBird I read your words smiling and say yes!

    you hear the song,
    you make it more beautiful,
    your morsels connect and inspire new bubbles.
    The biggest gifts!

    In ever thanks and love.

    (perseverence by day inDEED- and why I’m a night owl)

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