Lisa Goettel
Lisa is a writer, singer and community singing facilitator based on the Central Coast of California.

I write to find the life inside of and despite myself. I write here as a reaching out – from me and my big, big love to the many, many people who have helped me feel it.

For the wider view –

these song cries
these roseorangeblue horizon lines
your pen and eyes
are teaching you yes

so is that boil in your chest



11 responses to “lisa

  1. How cool is this blog ( only just realised what a blog is !!).
    Its funny that whilst reading your thoughts I felt a little intrusive as they are so private and yours but then I snapped out of my typical English reserved way of being and really enjoyed your thoughts.

    I think that I am drawn to you in a somewhat strange way ( one I have never been able to work out ) because I love your questioning of life and actually admire it as I can understand how hard it is to live like that and how much energy it must take to be like that.

    I too question but from the ivory tower of business and the big house and posh car so not sure it equates to the same thing but I always do ask questions although they rattle around in my heart and head and dont seem to make it to human consumption.

    You have inspired me to maybe think about starting a blog too although myego kicks in and says who would read the silly thoughts of Mike but that I have to work through so watch this space.

    God just realised how deep I can be ( not used to that lately as have reverted to Mike The hermit 🙂 )

    I think in all that I have seen when I have come over for my escapes from old blighty to your beautiful surroundings the most poignant would have to be the way I was reduced to a fumbling teenager when we went for dinner – god I am embarrassed still abotu that – did you know that I walked straight through the dining area at esalen after seeing you onto the decking as I was so so nervous, now I dont say I liked the feeling but I liked the way I could see that I could get back to the whole wonder of being with someone new so I suppose I want you to know that for that I am very grateful to you as I know that Mike can do it if that makes any sense as I had started to think I had lost It.

    Big hugs my love hope you are well xxxx

  2. Looking forward to keeping up and staying abreast. Love your observations of this world. x

  3. Today, on your dad’s birthday, I made the EXTRAORDINARY discovery of http://www.thebirdsings!
    Lisa, I am forever enchanted by your creativity. Since you were tiny, stealing cotton balls out of my cosmetic drawer to make three-dimensional bunnies, I have known you have special gifts. Thank you for being brave enough to share them with the world! I shiver with pride!
    XXOO, Mom

  4. I. Cant

    This is a beautiful place.

  5. Harald

    Dear Lisa,

    I just discovered your website through Ode Magazine, and it gives an immedeate positive vibration. I think you are a very positive and inspiring person and I’ll visit your site soon again.
    Autumn greetings and love from The Netherlands,

  6. Lisa….you are one I love encountering as each time I enjoy such a quality of uplifting quality….and now….I can continue to enjoy your creative and wise sharing through your writing.
    It will continue to be interesting to watch
    it …LIFE….unfold in this profound and magical weave of perfectly synchronized moments.
    Thank you for your generous sharing!

  7. VFL/BFF

    Those fancy flamenco pants look fantastic! I must buy some. Alternately, is there some holiday coming up where my husband could buy them for me? Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Oh wait!! Inaguration Day! I can wear them while I do my happy dance.

  8. cmajor7


    Thanks for writing, anything, at all. You have many gifts.

    Beautiful work.


  9. Peter

    Just discovered your blog today via Linda’s Survision. You are both amazing, wonderful, women. I think you are a beautiful, articulate, deep writer. Your spirit speaks and shines brightly. You know you’re going to go far. I hope you will do some more blog posts soon.

  10. Hi Lisa!!!!! Do you remember me??? Im the chiropractor that gave you the ajustment on your neck… I´m up dating the registration forms from the office and i have your form here whit your web side and i found your blog….i´m very happy to contact you and send hugs, love, sea, stars and smiles from Sayulita!!!!!!!
    Say hello to your mother plis!!!!!
    See you on the road!!!!!

  11. Sitting here reading and reading, what insight you have to be so very young! It does seem like we are peering in on something so very private, but your open heart shares with us all! I’ve been blogging for a couple years now and it is a great way to quiet the “voices in my head!” So glad I found you..

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