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in the future

I remember what it feels like to be a man
So I touch my face and lips now like one

I speak many languages
In my belly they remember poems

I see pictures of yours that I recognize
My dreams were photons before I came,
before you-

I drive a mile and it is warmer
These movements of form are microclimates,
nearby shifts

Daffodils still bloom today
Friends go

This is it.

Destiny was a muse of another man
Until I saw he is me


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dreamless sleeping

I’m feeling acutely
the difference between responding to my life
and being the choreographer of it

how having no invitation or opportunity to dream
takes its subtle but steady toll
I’m writing and the words stop
start stop
going fuzzy and lethargic
till not even a good night’s sleep renews me

cue my will
that force who takes me swimming against the current
or at least has me grab a branch in this rushing river
rushing toward the waterfall of the familiar

cue my wisdom
who steady as the moon cycles light and pulls my tides
reminding me this morning
to do the thing I’ve been avoiding

this risk of unpleasantness
and fear of learning
(read: doing things badly)
cloaked in kindness
stealing through the night
blocking the moon

I want my breath back.

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