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silence collecting.

I’m glad blogs don’t need vacuuming.

Instead of dust-bunny collecting it’s just been here silence-collecting, which actually feels like a cleaning. This spring and summer has been one big and unexpected (as these things are) journey of Lisa time – distilling Maslow’s pyramid down to the bottom, then slowly adding every thing back in, now hopefully settling in their places in a more balanced and integrated way. I know I feel more healthy and whole on the other side.

I never stopped writing, but needed to explore my voice with the spaciousness that comes without the conscious or subconscious considerations about how things will land with anyone else. Now the creative-pod-seeds are spilling with much to share and I’m looking forward to being out loud again.

Your eyes and heart, reception and contributions – they challenge and nurture me and I am grateful for your visits and gifts. I’ve missed you!

Speaking of gifts, before I share anything from my own pen, I must proselytize two bits of wonderfulness. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

1) My newest favoritist poem, by Naomi Shihab Nye: Kindness.

2) The bestest-ever mommy-to-be blogumentary of soulsisterwriter Patresa Hartman. She’s documenting her first pregnancy weekly with the perfect mix of poignant wisdom and candid spit-your-espresso-out style. You will be well-rewarded (and learn things) if you take a break from whatever you’re doing and read the archives. It’s been all-the-more interesting for me since I’ll be an aunt around the same time she’s due. So thank you P- if I could hold a hormone cocktail and extra pound or two for you, I would.
Don’t Touch My Belly.

And last for today – with more to come soon – a little gift from Burning Man to me, from me to you:

create this gift for yourself alone,
to generate the greatest gift for others

your guides are unique
though they tell a universal message-

let us marvel in our connectedness
by celebrating you


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Prompt today from

which said, in part:

…So in honor of the confusing speech of this time, in honor of repetitive talking points, in honor of verbal nonsense, in honor of lies and not-quite truths, in honor of “straight-talk” (which seems neither straight nor talk — discuss) and especially in honor of 50-cent verbiages, I present to you your poetry mission: Write a poem that somehow hinges on the word echolalia. Perhaps it can be the title of your poem, or the literal center point, or maybe just the crux, or pivot. Whatever you do with it, let’s work together to put meaning back into our words — let’s take our language back through poetry!

This is the Wikipedia definition of echolalia: the repetition of vocalizations made by another person. Echolalia can be present in autism, Tourette syndrome, aphasia, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, developmental disability, schizophrenia, Asperger syndrome and, occasionally, other forms of psychopathology. When done involuntarily, it is considered a tic. The word “echolalia” is derived from the Greek meaning “echo” or “to repeat” and “babbling, meaningless talk.”

you told me to cut it
with the serenades.

too many notes
you said.


the echolalia
does not stop
in the anxiety of silence

only moves down
another chakra
like a straw with many leaks.


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